1. What are Colored Contacts?

Color contact lenses, in most cases, are used as a beauty product. They naturally change the color of your eyes in a subtle or dramatic way. There are many types of colored lenses that can be utilized, and in many ways, they are being used in beauty.

2. Are Colored Contacts Safe to Wear?

So long as you take proper care of your colored eye lenses, they are safe to wear. Make sure that you see an optometrist to determine if your contacts require a prescription, check for suitability to wear them, and get a proper, correct sizing and fit.

3. What Colored Contacts are Safe?

As mentioned, it is essential to see an eye doctor for your contacts. Those that are prescribed by the eye doctor will be the safest. They will ensure fit, comfort, and any prescriptions. If there are issues, they will be there to adjust as well.

4. Are Prescription Colored Contacts Safe?

So long as an eye doctor prescribes you the color contacts, they will be safe. This is the safest way to obtain color lenses. An exam will be given to ensure proper fitting and strength if necessary.


5. What are the Safest Colored Contact Lenses?

The safest contacts are those that are prescribed by an eye doctor. Without a prescription and proper care, you face potential risks to your eyes. These risks can include things as severe as vision loss and impairment, as well as possible blindness.


6. What Color Contacts Should I Get?

If you have darker eyes, it is best to get your contacts more opaque. A more natural look can be achieved through lighter tones. If you want to stand out, there are brighter tones in a variety of colors and styles, including purple, blue, green, and many other options. The general rule of thumb is if you have dark original eye color, you will need lighter lenses to see the effect and vice versa.


7. What Colored Contacts are Best for Brown Eyes?

Choosing contacts that are warm in color will give your brown eyes a glow without changing the color. Choosing a cooler color that is more opaque or vibrant will transform your look. These are the most effective on brown eyes.

8. What Colored Contacts are Best for Hazel Eyes?

Hazel eyes are also a darker eye color that will do best with more opaque and dark colored contact lenses. Choose natural colors like browns to add a new feature. You could also try grays and greens for more vibrant color.


9. Which Cosmetic Contacts are the Most Comfortable?

All our colored lenses are comfortable. With a wide range of vibrant colors, these contacts are comfortable with a high water content of 45-55% and keep the eyes moist for most of the time. The recommended wearing time should not exceed 8 hours though.


10. Which Colored Contact Lenses are Best?

We carry 7 different series. Depending on the desired outcome you are looking for. The outcome may differ as every individual has different original eye colors. The most important is for us to make sure they are comfortable and do not be afraid to change brands after discussing any problems with your doctor.


11. What Color Contact Lenses Look Natural?

The most natural looks for all eye colors are the cotton series lenses. Without the outer rim, the colors blend naturally onto your eye. These are more opaque, so they will work well on dark colored eyes. They also offer a difference in lighter eyes, without something that can be overly bright.


12. How Long Do Colored Eye Contacts Last?

Our lenses are good for 30 ~ 90 days depending on your usage and maintenance, we usually recommend customers to discard after 30 days, but we've heard customers use up to 90 days. The rule of thumb is to discard them immediately when there is slight discomfort.


13. Why to Buy Colored Contacts?

Colored eye contact lenses are great for enhancing your beauty. They can be used for slight adjustments or dramatic adjustments to your eye color that you desire. There are also special effect colored eye contacts that can be utilized for special activities such as Halloween.


14. How Much Do Colored Contacts Cost?

The cost of color contact lens varies by type and style. Regular prescription and non-prescription lenses are $28 ~ $35 for monthly lenses. Toric/Astigmatism lenses are $60.


15. Where to Buy Color Contact Lenses?

Misaki offers non-prescription, prescription, toric/astigmatism colored contact lenses. Prescriptions must be bought from a pharmacy or eye doctor after a prescription has been given.

16. How to Order Colored Contacts Online?

We sell high quality color contacts that are non-prescription. You can also purchase prescription contacts online by proving your prescription. This means you must see a doctor first then order online.


17. How Do Color Eye Contact Lenses Work?

The clear area in the middle will line up with your iris to still allow light to travel to your eye. The colored part will go over the colored part of your eye. It will only be a surface-level change, and they will not permanently change your eye color.

18. How are Colored Contact Lenses Made?

The tint is sandwiched in between two layers of the material utilized to make the contacts in most circumstances. If this is not the circumstance, then the lens is given a tint on top of it. The amount of tint given determines the vibrancy.

19. How to Put in Colored Eye Contacts?

It is essential to wash your hands thoroughly before putting your contacts in, this includes first time and long time users. Put the lens on the edge of your finger, and hold your eye open with your other hand. Put the lens on your eye and blink until it sits correctly.

20. How to Care for Your Color Contact Lenses?

Be sure always to wash your hands when putting in or removing your contacts. Make sure you clean your lenses with contact solution as well. Take them out when necessary, and store them in an appropriate case.

21. How to Store Color Contact Lenses?

If you are wearing dailies, you do not have to worry about storing. If you have long-term contacts, be sure to put them in an appropriate case every night. Fill the case with solution that will clean them when they are stored.


22. How to Take Off Your Colored Eye Contacts?

You should always ensure that your hands are clean before removing your contacts. If you look up and pull the contact down, you can easily pinch the lens off your eye. From there, put it in the storage container.