With a Collection of Colored Contacts and accessories, Divalens is an e-commerce store to shop for Realistic and Quality contact lenses. The Brand established on 25th February 2021 and had its presence for more than a year.

Have you ever worried about the Quality of your contact lens or getting difficulty finding all the shades in one place? Divalens has got you. This lens brand offers you High Quality and Durable contact lenses at pocket-friendly prices.
There are many gaps in the Indian market that need bridging and usually go unnoticed by the people. Kanupriya Chawla realised this and noticed that many people were looking for Durable lenses at wallet Friendly prices.





Here begins her story of Kanupriya Chawla after being a mother of two kids who wanted to do something and embarked on her journey to being an entrepreneur. She took a Loan from her husband to establish her empire and started it all as “One Man Army”
From Manufacturing and Choosing the Unique colours of Contact lenses, she invested her day and night into it. “Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success” - Said Kanupriya Chawla. So a Positive mindset and all your efforts result in indefinite growth.




After going through tough times with Receiving criticism came positive feedback. Having people around her who were into businesses and an environment that cherished entrepreneurship starting her own venture felt like a natural move for her.
Start small, start somewhere if you believe in what you do. There will be setbacks and a lot of society doubting you. Take it from these women, defy the odds, and do it anyway.